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What our Customers Say

"I had fantastic experience with DLG guiding and managing me through a discrimination and constructive dismissal claim with my previous employer (who opted to settle the matter out of court before we got to the tribunal stage). I felt fully supported through every stage of the process and that the solicitor acting on my behalf was experienced, knowledgeable and professional throughout. I really did feel like DLG were acting in my best interests and were doing the very best they could for me as their client."

June 2022

"I was with DLG for some 2-3 years. My case was lengthy and complex. Over that period I worked with 3 different solicitors. Each on genuinely cared about getting the best result for me. What I particularly liked is how they would take time to explain and discuss things with me, ensuring i was happy with the direction we were going. They always made time for any questions I had whether over the phone or via email. They are professional, reliable and focused. They have experience and expertise. It was a pleasure to work with them and I would recommend them to others."

March 2022

"Rarely do I write reviews, but on the odd occasion I feel compelled to and obviously this is one such… Without going into too much detail, I was involved in a road traffic accident in which I was broadsided. I appointed DLG Legal Services to represent me (from a recommendation) and I feel fortunate that I did. A long, complex and drawn out case (over 3 years) was handled impeccably by my case handler, whom I am immensely grateful too, for not only what he did but also how he went about his work - patient, great communication, calmness, honest, fair and most fundamentally, a real determination to get results. The bottom line being, the result they were able to produce, surpassed all my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to appoint DLG Legal services, should I have the need in future."

February 2022

"The staff dealt with the case very professional and efficient, as well as being all very helpful in getting the issue resolved."

August 2022

Customer reviews

"Excellent service provided by DLG Legal Services. On the 14/02/2023, I contacted DLG Legal Services in relation to a potential employment dispute as they provide a legal helpline to my LEI insurer and my advisor was so compassionate, kind and sympathetic and understood the issue and provided legal advice on my options. Very helpful service worth 5/5 stars."

February 2023

"Excellent service, professional and timely, with regular updates provided. Sarah Fairclough always ensured I was well informed and consistently provided the advice I needed. I am very grateful for all her personal attention, help and support."

March 2023

"Even though my RTA claim seemed like forever to settle due to Covid etc. I can highly recommend DLG.  Byron was very helpful, friendly and professional with regular updates and advice.  So glad it's all sorted! Thank you DLG!"

March 2023

Case Studies

The case studies below showcase the expertise within DLG Legal Services.  

DLG Auto Services Leaflet

Property Legal Advice Claim

Our client purchased a property and after completion he was advised by a neighbour that there was Japanese knotweed at the property.  We brought an action against the sellers for misrepresentations about the presence of Japanese knotweed at the property and the reduction in value of the property because of this.  Our estimated costs to trial were £115,000 and other sides estimated cost £80,000.  We settled the claim at mediation for £110,000 damages and recovered our legal costs of £60,000.

Personal Injury Claim

Mr H suffered an amputated left leg. He was reliant on a wheelchair and adapted vehicle.  His wife, Mrs H, severely injured her leg resulting in the need to walk with the aid of a stick. Both suffer from PTSD.

Mr H preferred telephone calls so the handler would regularly call him with updates or requests for instructions. Mrs H preferred communicating by email. Often, we would copy in Mrs H on emails to Mr H as he sometimes needed her support to address issues. We always called Mr H before sending him something which we knew might lead to additional queries.

Mr and Mrs H had several surgeries post-accident and required extra support and reassurance from the handler.

The claims settled in late 2022 with Mr H receiving £3,425,000 and Mrs H receiving £1,300,000.

Employment Law Claim

We represented a client with a complex claim for disability discrimination including claims against the UK’s second largest health authority, for failure to make reasonable adjustments and discrimination arising from disability.  The Claimant’s medical conditions were numerous and complex.  Our client was keen to ensure that her experience was not repeated by her employer and that no other employees would have to go through the terrible treatment that she had been forced to endure for a number of months.  Our client made it clear that this outcome was more important to her than any compensation award.

The parties attended a Judicial Mediation and, in addition to receiving 70% of the total amount claimed in her Schedule of Loss, as a more creative option, our client was given the opportunity to contribute information about her experiences as well as providing a list of suggested actions that she considered would reduce the likelihood of similar situations arising moving forward.  Her contribution was given to a working group established by the Respondent, specifically for the purpose of addressing the Respondent’s reasonable adjustments process.

Property Claim

We acted on a boundary dispute where the neighbour had built a lean-to over a passageway which was partially owned by our client and to which he used to maintain his property.  We instructed a surveyor, served this on the other side and arranged mediation. Mediation was successful. Both parties walked away with an agreed boundary registered at the Land Registry and the neighbour removed the lean- to.