Personal Injury

Accidents on the Road

Through its specialist road traffic claims handler, DLG Legal Services, will guide you through every step of the personal injury process providing you with the highest level of advice.

Being involved in an accident on the road can be a stressful experience. Our specialist handlers will pursue your claim for personal injury and financial loss, whilst you concentrate on you and your recovery.

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Who can claim? 

If you have been injured in an accident on the road you are eligible to make a claim within 3 years of the accident date. 

personal injury - road traffic accidents

The claim process

1. We will swiftly identify what happened and why. We will then gather all the relevant information for you so that we can assess the best way that we can assist you get the help and support your need. 

2. We shall review liability on your behalf and assess the prospects. 

3. We will arrange an independent medical examination, and rehabilitation if required. It is usual for the first examination to take place with a GP.  For more serious or ongoing injuries, specialists in other areas may be required. 

4. The medical report will allow your claims expert to assess the value of your injury.  On some occasions further medical examinations or treatment may be required.  

5. The amount of compensation will vary depending upon the injury sustained.

6. These can range from whiplash to more serious injuries such as head or brain trauma. DLG Legal Services’ specialist road traffic teams will advise on you on the options available to you and what you can expect to the receive should the matter go to trial.

7. Court Proceedings - Whereas most claims do not proceed to court there are occasions where this is required. This is usually due to either a liability dispute or a dispute regarding the level of damages to award. 

8. Through either the negotiation process or a court hearing the final value of your claim will be agreed.  A detailed breakdown of your claim shall be provided with any cost deductions clearly shown.  If successful, payment of your claim shall be made by the other side’s representatives following the settlement agreement. 

personal injury - employment and public liability claims

Employers Liability and Public Liability Claims

Accidents at Work

Through its specialist employment and public liability claims handler, DLG Legal Services, will guide you through every step of the personal injury process providing you with the highest level of advice.

Who can Claim? 

If you've been injured at work in the last three years and it wasn't your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. Injuries and work-related illnesses are often caused by employers and managers failing to follow health and safety rules.

Most of us depend on our income. That's why being injured at work and having to take time off for recovery can be even more stressful for the individual and their family. You may have been off work or perhaps even had to quit your job entirely as a result of your accident. Lost earnings may have left you unable to pay household bills, care for your family or meet other commitments.

There are many types of work injuries, we've listed some of the most common ones below. 

  • Slip, trip or fall  - These can occur in all types of workplaces. Often, they'll happen in busy workplaces such as construction sites, where there are more hazards that can lead to an accident. They are also common in offices
  • Falling from Height - By law, your employer is required to take action to make sure you're safe at work. This includes carrying out the necessary risk assessments and providing the correct training
  • Defective machinery – When a piece of work equipment is defective or not maintained by an employer. If potentially dangerous machinery has been left uncovered or if an important safety notice was missing.
  • Machinery – Employers have a responsibility to minimise factory machinery accidents. Machinery must be suitable for its intended use and safe to use, clean and maintain. The correct safety devices should be fitted and your employer should provide adequate information, instruction and training before you use any machinery.
  • Manual handling -  Manual handling is an all-too-common feature in factory injuries. Not only do manual handling accidents cause painful back injuries and pulled muscles, but they can also cause nasty cuts and bruises. Laws are there to minimise the risk of injury.
  • Vibration White Finger - Commonly occurs after using heavy, vibrating machinery, which can cause numbness and lack of grip strength.
  • Hearing Loss - More common than most people think, this can affect nightclub workers, bar staff, factory workers and many others.
  • Chemical Injury - Can occur after exposure to toxic or corrosive chemicals without the necessary safety equipment.
  • Asbestos - Caused by long-term exposure to asbestos, asbestosis requires specialist medical care.

Accidents in Public Places

Through its specialist employment and public liability claims handler, DLG Legal Services, will guide you through every step of the personal injury process providing you with the highest level of advice.

We know how sudden and shocking an accident in a public place can be. The last thing you expect is to be injured when walking down the street, in a shop, while on holiday or playing your favourite sport. We also realise that an accident in a public area can have a serious impact on your everyday life as well as your finances.

Who can claim?

If you have been in an accident in a public area, your injuries may have stopped you from carrying on with normal life. This can be frustrating and difficult to cope with on top of the physical pain of your injury.

You may have received reduced pay, such as Statutory Sick Pay, due to taking time off work. Along with other expenses, like medical treatment and rehabilitation, the financial pressure can leave you struggling to pay your bills or support your family.

Our specialist employment and public liability claim handlers will quickly assess all aspects of your claim and provide you with the highest quality advice.  

personal injury - accidents in public places