Defending Motor Claims

Vehicle damage

Through its specialist Defendant team, DLG Legal Services will ensure that any claim brought against you, following a road traffic accident, is concluded as effectively as possible with the minimum of disruption to you.  On receipt of instructions from your insurance company we will advise you on the procedural requirements and deadlines applicable as well as assess and evaluate your claim, explaining the risks and likely timescale and outcome of the claim to you.

defendant - vehicle damange
defendant - claims violation

Claims Validation

Through its specialist claims validation team, DLG Legal Services, take a pro-active approach to defending your claim on your behalf.  

At DLG Legal Service our special claims validation claims handlers will guide you through every step of the litigated personal injury process. We will advise you on claims in the small and fast track and in low velocity Impacts or where fraud is suspected.

In addition to defending the claim and working collaboratively with you we can also assist in providing strategies to deter and identify fraud more effectively.